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A technique that had been used in China for centuries,
acupuncture consists of the insertion of fine needles
into the body. The needles are “slightly” inserted at
specific points that have shown to be effective in the
treatment of health problems. Because individually
packaged, sterile and disposable needles are used, there
is virtually no chance of infection or contagion. Hence,
acupuncture is entirely safe.
Other acupuncture techniques used:

Conditions treated successfully by Dr. Gehin:
Gastrointestinal disorders:
food allergies, nausea, indigestion,diarrhea, constipation, colitis,
hyper acidity and abdominal pain.

Respiratory disorders:
colds & flus, bronchitis, asthma, allergies, sinusitis and emphysema.

Circulatory disorders:
hypertension, high cholesterol and arteriosclerosis.

Urogenital disorders :
cystitis, stress incontinence and neurogenic bladder.

Gynecological disorders:
menstrual irregularity, premenstrual syndrome, infertility and
menopausal symptoms.

Ear, nose & throat disorders:
sinusitis, rhinitis, laryngitis, gingivitis, tinnitus and poor vision.

Psychoemotional & neurological disorders:
depression, anxiety, nervousness, insomnia, headache, migraine,
trigeminal neuralgia, post-stroke paralysis, dizziness, Parkinson's
disease, chronic fatigue, stress reduction and addiction control.

Musculoskelatal disorders:
tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, T.M.J., sciatica, back pain, neck
pain, knee pain, muscle cramping, muscle pain/ weakness, arthritis,
carpal tunnel syndrome and fibromyalagia.
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