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Applied Kinesiology is a system , created by
Georges Goodheart, DC, that evaluates
structural, chemical and mental aspects of health
using manual muscle testing with other standard
method of diagnosis.
The doctor using AK finds a muscle that is
unbalanced and then attempts to determine why
that muscle is not functioning properly.
The doctor works out the treatment that will best
balance the patients muscles.
This system is use at my office to involve actively
patients into their own recovery from the
inbalances found.
Usually, patients come out with a homework
exercise to help them to move on from a chronic
From my experience, this method has been found
effective in treating emotional and mental
distresses that are often at the root of chronic
injury, repetition of self-destructive
behavior,destructive thinking, lack of focus/
attention, lack of self-estime, and difficulty in
learning new skills.
Applied Kinesiology
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