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    Biopuncture also called acupuncture injection is a
    natural therapy consisting of injecting natural
    products. (like herbs and homeopathic products,
    vitamins, etc)
    Most injections are give under the skin or in the
    muscles and are designed to treat a wide range of
    symptoms and pain. Generally, point injection is
    often used in pain management, preventative
    medicine, facial rejuvenation, mesotherapy and for
    vitamin deficiencies.
    It enhances the effects of acupuncture.

    Acu-injection therapy is a physiological regulating
    medicine that directly and immediately stimulates the
    body's defense system and local blood circulation,
    therefore, it can successfully treat ortheopedic
    problems such as arthritis, ostearthritis, neck & back
    pain, sciatica, ankle sprain, frozen shoulder, achilles
    tendonitis, sports injuries, tennis & golf elbow,
    headaches, inflammations and neuralgia.
    In addition to pain it can also treat allergies, asthma,
    eczema and even hay fever.
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